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 Yamaha Engines Essay


Since that time its starting as a bike manufacturer upon July one particular, 1955, Phazer Motor Company has worked to generate products which will stand among the list of very best on the globe through their constant pursuit of quality; and at the same time, through the products, it has desired to help the quality of life of folks all over the world. Following on the accomplishment of our motorbikes, Yamaha began manufacturing powerboats and outboard motors in 1960. Since then, we have employed our engine and FRP technology as a base to actively grow and shift our parts of business. Today our areas of impact extend through the land to the sea and in many cases into the heavens as each of our business divisions have grown beyond our Motorbikes operations to feature Marine businesses, Power Item operations, Automotive Engine procedures, Intelligent Equipment operations, Heavens operations and our PASSING operations.

company mission

We all create " kando"

'Kando' is a Japanese word for the sychronizeds feelings of deep satisfaction and extreme excitement we experience when we encounter anything of exceptional worth. At Yamaha Motor, we believe that Kando can be made by services and products that exceed customers objectives.

We strive to achieve each of our corporate mission by sticking with three principles:

We need to remain keenly aware of customers' evolving should provide all of them quality product or service of exceptional benefit that surpass their anticipations. We can and definitely will earn a fair profit by putting forth a superior hard work to satisfy our customers.

Our company environment ought to be staffed with autonomous, strengthened employees. In cultivating each of our employees' imagination and skills, we is going to establish an equitable approach to evaluation and rewards.

As a great corporate citizen, we take action from an international perspective and in accordance with global requirements. We will continue to work locally to higher the cultural environment, and think globally in helping preserve the environment.

1 . Supervision Policy for 2004

There is some impression of anticipation that the Western economy can recover in 2004, showing the bottoming-out of stock prices. Yet , business conditions remain unpredictable for Phazer Motor, as a result of such elements as concern in the U. S. economic system, due mainly to the condition in Korea and the rising yen against the U. T. dollar. In 2004, we plan to speed up the reforms spelled out inside our medium-term administration plan. Simply by implementing global strategies and establishing a profitable composition, we can swiftly create a robust corporate structure able of stand exchange rate fluctuations even if the yen is constantly on the become better. To this end, we will certainly address the subsequent three priority themes this year.

Top priority Themes intended for 2004

(1) Final image resolution of medium-term management concerns

To improve success, we can strive to achieve a 30 percent cost reduction also to return low profitability businesses to the dark-colored. We will work harder to generate a system that can withstand and overcome ever-intensifying competition with consistently excellent, attractive items.

To solidify the foundation of your businesses in China, India and ASEAN countries, all of us will continue to be intense in releasing new products, hence driving the two sales and profits over and above planned targets. In particular, all of us intend to finalize and put into action business techniques for our China and tiawan operations in 2004.

To market a growth approach, we are committed to expanding the mainstay businesses, while expanding original business models in new domain names such as biotechnology.

To enhance our financial framework, we will certainly maximize concrete fixed assets groupwide by a consolidated management viewpoint, thus planning to achieve a larger return on investment.

(2) Unifying the accounting term to achieve far-reaching consolidated organization reform

In the next fiscal 12 months, Yamaha Electric motor Co., Ltd. in...

Sources: www.yamaha-motor.co.jp

Mr. Ishikawa-marketing director

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