Unicon Article

Unicon Concrete Items – Circumstance Report

Component Four

Procedures and process Management

Josh Smith

Drive 30th, 2011

Lisa Rasmey

Table of Contents

Exec Summary3

Issue Identification4

Environmental and Root Cause5

Substitute and/or Options7

Recommendation and Implementation8

Keep an eye on and Control10

Executive Brief summary

Mr. Li has an chance with Unicon to direct it within a new concentrated direction. With its competitive benefits it has proven with the Hk Housing Specialist (HKHA). I recommend pursuing the blanket approval procedure with HKHA. These efficiencies could prove good for both parties since this will decrease lead as well as costs. Façade and slabs is the growing trend in the industry and will allow Unicon to take advantage of the cost savings that come with this. * No need for engineered papers, saving promptly and engineering costs. 2. Job reliability

* Detailed efficiencies

2. Holding products on hand

* Decreased lead times

* Merchandise standardization

* Increased quality

The tradeoffs that implied with this kind of move may be worth the risk of this kind of approval method. This could be personal savings upwards to HK150, 500 per obstruct. An approximate keeping of above 1 mil based upon the 179 hindrances per year output from the HKHA. Once this approval is usually agreed upon as well as the contracts honored. I recommend a detail overview of Unicon current product lines and completely freelancing the stair production collection. After a sixth month period, I recommend all of us review our production efficiencies and look in to expanding the production center as each of our three leftover products are actually made-to-stock.

Concern Identification

There are numerous issues that must be addressed that could determine how Unicon will be effective moving forward. 1 . Should Unicon decide to boost its current plant space to be better prepared pertaining to future organization, or take full advantage of the current growth in Hong Kong and not miss out on the current possibilities in the industry? With Unicons current product lines, Façade, slabs, stairs and portioning walls. Increasing Plant space would be pricey and could perhaps jeopardize current opportunity for organization. However , this kind of decision could solve a long issue and would allow Unicon to be better prepared to grow as a organization. 2 . Would it be necessary for Unicon to pursue a blanket acceptance process with the current leading customer, the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HKHA). With a recently announced several year construction program that may indict agreements for a total of 179 blocks, a blanket approval could prove extremely lucrative since it would conserve dramatically in costs and time. This could also allow Unicon to pursue industry-wide standards pertaining to the precast industry. The HKHA has the power to accept this type of proposal if it was convinced of its rewards. This push would be putting a lot of focus on one buyer, leaving many opportunities to get the competition to obtain the additional projects/customers. Unicon will not be able to devote complete attention to all its current product lines, and has limited space. 3. Currently Unicon has four main products. Façade, slabs, stairs and portioning wall space. Unicon commenced its base with portioning walls, it can be slowly becoming the heritage product as increasing numbers of operations will be leading to precast structures. Should Unicon proceed with all several product lines or perhaps focus on 3 or fewer products which have been becoming more acknowledged. This would possess short term significance as the time saved could be better found in another product line. Environmental and Root Cause

Mister. Li must take a look at the industry and where it will be in five, ten or even twenty years. And what will Unicon need to do to stay competitive in the industry and be " one step ahead” of the competition? Lets initially take a look at Unicons current goods.

Products| Pros| Cons| % of Sales

Partitioning Walls| * Even now used frequently * Could be...

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