Tips for Muet Speaking Evaluation


Each 2-min presentation includes 5 essential elements: 1 )        Greetings

2 .        Repeat circumstance from the query

3.        State the point provided to you

four.        3 pts with relevant explanation & examples five.        Conclusion

Hey there

1 .        Good morning to everyone.

2 .        Good early morning I bid to one and all.

3.        Good morning towards the examinerS and all candidateS. 5.        A very good morning I would like to all examinerS and guy candidateS Do it again Situation

1 .        Today were talking about…

2 .        The situation I have already been given is…

3.        According to the situation…

4.        Based on the condition given…

Point out the point provided

1 .        I would like to provide 3 reasons behind my level which is… 2 .        There are a few reasons to support my level which is… 3.        My point is definitely ________ in like manner elaborate I would really like to discuss several reasons. four.        I think that ____________ is the best idea.

a few Pts (Explanation & Examples)

1 .        Firstly, I think that…This is because.. Furthermore,... For example , … 2 .        Secondly, another reason is… In addition, … For instance, … 3.        Finally, in my opinion…Furthermore, … A great example is... Conclusion

1 .        In realization, this is the best point because… 2 .        To conclude, My spouse and i still concur that…

a few.        In a nutshell, Personally i think that…

4.        In short, my idea is the best because…

p/s:   It's ok if you don't speak on three or more points not any penalty as long as you develop actually one point well with good elaboration and cases. The 3 items we tension on is just for practice. you don't have a conclusion simply no penalty but once you are able to do a bottom line you will rationally score bigger because your display is more organized.    ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TALK NON-STOP FOR 2 MINS!!!!

Task B


·         I believe you. (OFCOURSE NOT: I'm acknowledge. )

·         That's a great idea!

·         I see your point!

·         That's a unique perspective.

·         I like your suggestion.

·         Indeed!...

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