PTLLS task one particular part 1

Component One

Jobs and Duties – Within my current role as a trainer some of my own responsibilities in order to keep up with current practice and ensure my requirements are up to date (continuing specialist development). We also be sure I know my organisations policies and techniques including risk assessments, fire evacuation and working with vulnerable adults. During my sessions I have to maintain a safe environment and ensure all learners are involved in the task at your fingertips. I frequently plan periods in a range of actions and complete risk assessments intended for on and off web page activities. During my role We work as component to a team and communicate with others about any issues that need to be talked about. This could be a student with added needs or maybe a maintenance issue. Codes of Practice / Legislation – In the outdoor industry every different activity has its own governing body by way of example in exercise sports the national governing body is Canoe England. They provide codes of practice that a coach employs and polices including access issues. Every outdoor organisations are inspected and should have an AALA (adventurous activities certification authority) licence. This means that organisations get examined and comes with looking at gear check records and observations of classes. Some of the other acts that must be taken into account happen to be: •HASAWA mid 1970s – this kind of covers a company's responsibility to their workers, responsibility that employees possess and responsibilities to the public. •The children act 2005

•Equality action 2010

•RIDDOR 1995 – statutory responsibility to report serious workplace accidents, occupational diseases and near misses to the HSE. •Data safety act 98

•Manual handling 1992


Equality and Diversity - Learners should be able to enroll in and get involved regardless of all their gender, ethnic background, disability, age, faith, and intimate orientation. In my sessions We include everybody so almost all participants will be learning at the same time and no...

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