05. 05 Mixes and Solutions

05. 05 Combos and Alternatives

Background: Newspaper chromatography is definitely one method to get testing the purity of compounds and identifying chemicals. Paper chromatography is a valuable technique since it is relatively speedy and requires small quantities of material. Safety: Warnings:

5. Rubbing liquor (or isopropyl alcohol) is usually flammable, therefore be sure to keep it away from high temperature or high temperature sources. 2. Keep pigments and alternatives away from your eyes, wash your hands properly after coming in contact with any alternatives or pigments, and tidy up spills with soap and water immediately after they occur. * This lab can be a little messy, so be sure to work at a home counter or in another place that can be easily wiped straight down if nearly anything spills. Additionally it is a good idea to lie down newspaper within the countertop just before setting up the lab to help keep the counter surfaces clean. Supplies:

* Four different guns (including 1 black long term marker) 5. Rubbing alcoholic beverages or isopropyl alcohol

5. Coffee filtration systems (2)

2. Tall eyeglasses or plastic cups (2)

* Pad

* Leader

* Strapping

* Desk salt

5. Water

2. Measuring cups/spoons

* Clean pitcher or 2-liter bottle of wine


1 . Caffeine filters are typically round, but it's better to compare the results if the paper is usually rectangle. So , your initially task is usually to cut the coffee filter into a rectangle measuring 3 cm by nine centimeter. You will need two of these pieces to complete the lab. В 2 . Using a pencil (do not use a pen), draw a range one centimeter (1/2 inch) from the border of one end of one strip of conventional paper.

3. Generate four pencil dots (one for each marker you will be examining) along this kind of line, about 0. five cm (1/4 inch) separate. Underneath each dot, ingredients label the marker that will be examined. You won't possess space to create the whole color or manufacturer, so try abbreviations. 4. Use the guns to attract a different colored dot to each of the ideal pencil represents on the newspaper strip. Permit the ink to be dried, and then get...

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