The Absorbent Mind

The Absorbent Brain


‘…. the child experiences a transformation. Opinions do not basically enter his mind; they will form it. They incarnate themselves in him. Your child creates his own ‘mental muscles', employing for this what he finds in the world about the man. We have named this type of mentality, The Moisture resistant Mind'. (Montessori, Absorbent mind pg. 24)

According to Montessori's analysis, birth to six years is the central stage of a person. She calls this period of life ‘The absorbent mind'. At this stage your child possesses power which push him to adapt to his environment as well as to learn language and physical skills. This kind of essay is definitely an attempt to learn ‘The Absorbent mind' within a child and also to understand how it will help a child gain his individuality, independence and intelligence. Also, we will explore just how parents and teachers have to help and guide a child during this period to optimise his or her development.

What is the ‘Absorbent mind'?

Geddes and Grosset's dictionary describes ‘Absorbent' and ‘Mind' because,

Absorbent: Drinking; swallowing; able to soak up moisture

Mind: The intellectual faculty or electric power; intellect; cause; understanding; disposition; opinion; memory space

At birth children is weak and needs continuous care and support via his mother for endurance. Within days and nights or hours after birth the child will begin to develop his personality which could be observed in how each baby bonds and responds with the parents. Soon his activity will begin to become more controlled and within a year he will continue to walk. By 2 years he can speak his mother tongue competently. How does he do this? This can be a great electric power a child comes into the world with, a power to learn from nothing. This is certainly not done intentionally but with what is called the ‘unconscious mind'. This type of brain is also named the ‘absorbent mind'. It is a psychic push which makes it feasible for the child to soak up and to understand the environment that he or she has enter.

The infiltration mind is definitely active in a child by birth to 6 years. Within this time the newborn baby with such limited abilities therefore dependant to get his mother's love and care commences a quest to freedom. At the end of the 6th season he is able to walk, talk, interact socially and put emphasis. Although, in the event that observed thoroughly, a child benefits most of his skills inside the first 3 years of his life then he is constantly on the refine and develop the skill sets in the next 3 years. By the end of the 6th year he has developed in a child ready for compulsory education. Seeing the importance of the initially 3 years of life Montessori named this ‘The Psychic Embryo' plus the latter part of the moisture resistant mind she called the ‘The Interpersonal Embryo'. The Absorbent Brain is at the best level of their strength by birth -3 years and from three or more years-6 years it little by little fades away with the appearance of ‘The Conscious Mind'.

Characteristics in the Absorbent brain and how it works

The Adsorbent Mind assists a child to adapt to the new environment. The inspiration for the continuous expansion till this individual reaches growing up and adult life is laid in the initially 3 years of any child's lifestyle. Therefore The Moisture resistant Mind is a complex content. To understand that we need to glance at the characteristics this possesses.

This can be a powerful psychic post or mental strength

Although we see a great creation in the physical aspect of a child's expansion we cannot see virtually any psychological development in a kid. But research shows that there exists a lot taking place in a kid's mind. Speaking of one such energy Dr . Montessori writes,

‘To us, the mental organism is a powerful whole, which transforms its structure by simply active experience obtained from their surroundings [the environment]; it is led thereto by an energy [horme′] of which the nebulae happen to be differentiated and specialized kinds or periods. '(The Infiltration Mind, Pg 74)

Horme′ is the vital force or perhaps energy which can be present and active in the Infiltration Mind which guides a child's efforts,...

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