Plant Collection And Recognition

1. Your Herbarium collection should consist of: • At least 8 weed mounted specimens, each example of beauty with a complete label. A regular artists Design Book around 37 back button 27 centimeter (or A3) has suitable pages where to support specimens. Mounting of individuals may be finished with good quality mp3 (archival 3M), water-soluble stuff such as PVA wood stuff or stitching using teeth tape. • Your individuals should include:  8 specimens (min. ) of announced weeds. • All materials should be ultimately in a reproductive system state, we. e. it must be flowering or perhaps fruiting or perhaps both. If perhaps no reproductive system material is definitely observed you should indicate just how many plant life (approximately), where you observed these kinds of plants during a call and how you could have used vegetative features to recognize the specimen, before you chose to accumulate without reproductive system material.

1) SINGAPPORE DAISY -- Sphagneticola trilobata

Collected within the 8. goal. 2015 in 25 Jamieson Road TRINITY BEACH BUTTES QLD 4879 GPS Site:

Specimen is a spreading herbaceous plant with dark green leaves approximately 5cm long and 3cm extensive with rounded yellow bouquets approximately 2cm in diametre. Where herbarium sample was taken the plant is in the whole backyard bed that runs over the fence that you write in the cue section hand side of the garden.

KINGDOM: Plantae (It's a plant)

PHYLUM: Anthophyta (It's a flowering plant)

CLASS: Dicotyledon (It's flower consists of hundreds of small flowers on a disk all these flowers producing a seed. ) This tells me it is area of the " daisy family” which is a amalgamated flower. This kind of tells me the students, order and family. CLADE: Eudicot

CLADE: Asterids

ORDER: Asterales


SUB-FAMILY: Asteraceae (herbaceous sparring floor forming distributing plant with round stems rooting in nodes which has a fibrous basic system) (Leaves are tri-lobed GENUS: Sphagneticola

SPECIES: S. Trilobata

- It has a very wide ecological patience range.

-- Grows best in sunny areas with well-drained, moist ground at...

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