Chemistry: Test Answers

п»їExam two

Part I: Multiple Choice (2 factors each)

Directions: Please ring the best response for each in the following questions.

Question 1 . The principle segment numbers have the designation a) H, He, Li…

b) 1, 2, 3…

c) k, m, s…

d) s, s, d…

e) α, β, γ…

f) all retain the same mass

Problem 2 . Which usually of the pursuing is true if ∆Esystem = -95 J? a) The two system as well as the surroundings happen to be losing 95 J.

b) The system is usually gaining 95 J, as the surroundings are losing 95 J. c) The system can be losing 96 J, while the surrounds are gaining 96 J. d) Both the system and the area are attaining 95 M.

e) non-e with the above

Problem 3. Determine what a blast calorimeter measures.

a) measures ∆E for burning reactions

b) measures ∆H for oxidation solutions

c) measures ∆T for hydrolysis solutions

d) measures ∆H for aqueous solutions

e) measures ∆E for reduction solutions

Problem 4. Which of the following statements holds true?

a) State features do not depend on the path delivered to arrive at a certain state. b) ∆Hrxn can be determined using regular pressure calorimetry. c) ∆Erxn can be determined employing constant amount calorimetry. d) Energy is usually neither created nor ruined, excluding indivisible reactions. e) all of the over

Question your five. ______ gas particle journeys the most effective.

a) Ne

b) O2

c) CO

d) H2

e) N2

Problem 6. Presented three cyl containing air gas at the same volume and pressure: tube A is at -20 В°C, cylinder W is at -15 В°F, canister C is in 260 K. Which tube contains the largest mass of oxygen gas? a) cyndrical tube A

b) cylinder B

c) tube C

d) cylinder A & N

e) every contain the same mass

Question 7. Which in the following trials will have the best pressure if they are all at the same temperature? a) 15 g F2

b) 15 g Kr

c) 15 g Ne

d) 15 g CO2

e) all of the previously mentioned

Problem 8. Which will of the subsequent statements regarding the consistency of a molecule is true? a) Heavy, fast-moving objects possess lower eq than those of lighter, faster-moving objects. b) Only incredibly light allergens can have got high frequencies.

c) Dual the mass of an object and halving its acceleration result in simply no change in the frequency. d) all of the above

e) none of the above

Question on the lookout for. How various quantum numbers are required to identify an orbital? a) 0

b) 1

c) 2

d) 3

e) 4

Question 10. Your instructor is definitely an avid backpacker and camper. a) Authentic

b) Phony

c) The girl brought 2100 mL of fuel for the last trip.

d) She took thirty-five L of water on her group.

e) a, c, and, deb

Part II: Short Response

Guidelines: Answer all the following concerns. Be sure to use complete phrases where suitable. For total credit make sure to show all of your work.

Question 1 . Scuba scuba divers who descend more than 140 feet below the surface may well breathe a gas combination called Trimix, which is 14. 7% This individual, 56. 2% N2, and 32. 1% O2 simply by mass. Compute the skin mole fraction of oxygen gas in the mix (6 points).

Question installment payments on your Can the incomplete pressure of one component of a gas end up being measured directly (2 points)?


Question 3. Amontons' Rules, named in honor of French physicist Guillaume Amonoton, states that as the temperature of your fixed amount of gas increases, the pressure boosts as long as the volume and quantity of gas stay constant (8 points). a. Write Amontons' law for a changing system.

b. The air pressure in the tires of an automobile is tweaked to 28 pound-force per square inch (psi) at a gas stop in San Diego, CA, the place that the air heat is sixty-eight В°F (20 В°C). The air in the wheels is at the same temperature because the atmosphere. The automobile can now be driven east along freeway 8 in the hot wilderness. Along the way, the temperature from the tires gets to 140 В°F (60 В°C). What is the pressure inside the tires? P1 = 28 psi

T1 = 20 В°C & 273 sama dengan 293 E

T2 = 60 В°C + 273 = 333 K

P2 =?

Question some. Radon is a hazardous because it is easily inhaled and this emits О± particles in order to undergoes radioactive decay...

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